Work Adjustment

Common Problems With Working That Arise After Deployment

after deployment, common problems

Here are 8 of the top problems that can affect Service Members’ performance in the workplace after a deployment:

Informal Relationships with Coworkers and Peers

Post Deployment Work Adjustment, Informal Relationships

Informal Relationships with Coworkers and Peers

Positive job relationships are helpful to job performance and successful reintegration following a deployment.

Asking for Help and Talking About Difficulties with Coworkers

Formal Relationships with Supervisors and Commanding Officers

Formal relationships with supervisors or commanding officers are important to job success and successful workplace reintegration following a deployment. Relationships with workplace authorities will determine whether promotions are forthcoming, the kinds of tasks that get assigned, and on-the-job “quality of life” issues. These formal relationships will affect your job satisfaction, success, and retention.

Work Adjustment

Work Adjustment
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