Depression: How Thoughts Affect Depression

The Power of Thoughts in Depression

People are always busy thinking. As one thought passes, there’s another thought ready to take its place. Most of the thoughts that people have are automatic thoughts that:

  • Pop up when a person isn’t even trying to think them.
  • Can be positive or negative. (It’s the negative thoughts that contribute to depression)


Thoughts Affect Depression

Taking Charge of Depression

Positive Action, Positive Mood

  • People rarely "snap out of" depression. It takes patience and work to feel better day-by-day, but feeling better is something that you can accomplish!
  • One key to finding a way out of depression is for you to move toward what is most important. In other words, move toward goals and values even when you don’t feel much motivation to do so.


Things to Start Doing Today to Take Charge of the Depression:

Suicide and Depression

Suicide is when someone purposely takes their own life. Many people think about committing suicide at some time in their lives, especially in times of extreme stress or depression, but most don’t follow through. Suicide affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

How to Help Someone Who's Depressed

depression, helping family and friends, helping a depressed person

How to Help Someone Who’s Depressed

The most important thing to do for someone who may be depressed is to help her or him get help. Here are some suggestions:

Loss and Grief

Depression: Signs, Symptoms and Causes


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Depression: Where to Get Help

Depression: Where to Get Help

Where to Get Help

Some individuals find it difficult to ask for help; however, it isn’t necessary to struggle alone. When a person is experiencing a depression, others are affected, also, in the home and even in the work setting. So taking care of oneself also has the added benefit of taking care of others.

Myths About Getting Help

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