Understanding anxiety

anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder

Many different words can be used to describe the feeling of anxiety. Anxiety can be described as motivation, excitement, tension, stress, worry, nerves, and phobias. Anxiety can be a normal reaction to new and positive challenges or stressful events. Anxiety can also be the result of faulty thinking and other controllable causes which become problematic and interfere with life and health. Everyone has felt anxious at some time in life. Anxiety can be experienced in a number of ways including:

Managing anxiety and worry

There are many strategies and techniques that can be used to help cope with worry and anxiety. Some involve strategies to help reduce physical symptoms of anxiety directly through methods like muscle relaxation, imagery, or breathing exercises.

Causes of anxiety

The Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety problems can be caused by a variety of factors, and in most instances, several factors contribute to the development and maintenance of an anxiety problem. A person's genetics, life experience, and current environment all seem to contribute to the development of anxiety disorders. Some of the most common factors are:

Family History/Genetics

Anxiety: When worry gets out of control

Generalized anxiety and worry

When Worry Gets Out of Control

People with anxiety disorders feel extremely fearful and unsure. Most people feel anxious about something for a short time now and again, but people with anxiety disorders feel this way most of the time. Their fears and worries make it hard for them to do everyday tasks. About 18% of American adults have anxiety disorders. Children also may have them.

Treatment is available for people with anxiety disorders. Researchers are also looking for new treatments that will help relieve symptoms.




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