PTSD: Take steps to reduce your nightmares

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PTSD reduce nightmares

Take Steps to Reduce Your Nightmares

You can practice steps on your own to take control of your nightmares. Here are some approaches to try:

  • Tell someone else about them. Sharing your nightmares with a trusted friend in the daytime takes much of the sting out of them.
  • Walk through your nightmare mentally during the daytime, and as you reach a scary or upsetting part, put your hands out in a stop position and say: “this is just a dream”. Try doing this each night before bedtime.
  • Write about your nightmare as though it is a fictional story you’re creating and change the ending of the story. Try three or four different plot twists, all with positive endings.
  • Sit down in a calm moment and think about your nightmare. How would you change the events in the nightmare if you could? What message would you give yourself if you could be a different character in the nightmare? By analyzing the nightmare rationally and calmly, you may be able to rewrite its contents in the future.



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