PTSD: Help someone else

PTSD: help someone else

Help Someone Else Such as Through Volunteering

When people are disturbed, they turn inward to themselves.
While this is necessary to protect yourself immediately after a trauma occurs, it is unhealthy in the long term because we are all healthiest when we’re loving, caring members of our community.

But as you progress in your healing, you become more and more ready to rejoin your community and one of the best ways to do that is by helping others. Reaching out to people in need benefits you as well as them, in several ways:

  • It puts your problems in perspective. No matter how bad your problems are, you are bound to find other people with even bigger problems, and that awareness can help you value the positive aspects of your life.
  • It helps you transform a negative event into a positive force. Many people are helped by helping others who experienced the same trauma or by working to prevent others from suffering that trauma.

Many people choose to volunteer for organizations that have some connection to the type of trauma they experienced (which you should do only if you’re sure it won’t trigger memories or emotions that are too hard to handle).

No matter what form your outreach takes, giving of yourself can help you discover new meaning and purpose in your life.

For ways to volunteer in your community, check out these sites which will help you find activities near your home:

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