Depression: Spend time with other people

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Depression tips: spend time with friends

Spend time with other people, laugh with a friend and/or confide in a trusted friend or relative.

When you are depressed, spending time with other people may not seem very appealing. You may feel more like isolating yourself and spending as much time as you can alone. But spending time with other people, and confiding about how you feel with someone you trust, can help you feel more like yourself again.

Try to spend at least a small amount of time on most days with someone you enjoy (or used to enjoy) being with. If possible, this person should be someone you feel you can open up to. Let them know how you’ve been feeling.

Feel free to spend time with different people each day.

It can also be very helpful to laugh with someone else. If you can’t think of something funny to laugh at, consider watching a funny movie together or reading to each other from a funny book. You can print this page and write in your ideas.

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