traumatic stress

Families and Friendships: Returning from the war zone

Treatment of PTSD

PTSD treatment

Treatment of PTSD (NC-PTSD)

A Handout From the National Center for PTSD by Jessica Hamblen, PHD

War Zone-Related Stress Reactions: What Families Need to Know

War-related stress and families

War-Zone-Related Stress Reactions: What Families Need to Know

PTSD: Get regular exercise

PTSD and regular exercise

Get Regular Exercise

There are many reasons why exercise is helpful for people with symptoms of PTSD. Here are the recommended exercise guidelines:

PTSD: Help someone else

PTSD: help someone else

Help Someone Else Such as Through Volunteering

When people are disturbed, they turn inward to themselves.
While this is necessary to protect yourself immediately after a trauma occurs, it is unhealthy in the long term because we are all healthiest when we’re loving, caring members of our community.

But as you progress in your healing, you become more and more ready to rejoin your community and one of the best ways to do that is by helping others. Reaching out to people in need benefits you as well as them, in several ways:

PTSD Tips: Join a support group

PTSD: Limit your alcohol and drug consumption

PTSD limit alcohol and drug use

Limit Your Alcohol and Drug Consumption

PTSD: Simplify and organize your life

Simplify and Organize Your Life

PTSD Coach online

PTSD Coach Online: VA site offers info, tools for living with condition

Resilience in a time of war: adapting to wartime stress

Resilience: adapting to wartime stress

Resilience in a Time of War: Adapting to Wartime Stress

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