Dealing with Pain

Physical Injury - Dealing with Pain

Dealing with Pain

Controlling pain is an essential step to regaining a sense of well-being after a deployment injury. There are two major categories of pain: chronic and acute. Pain that exists after an injury has healed is called chronic pain.

Physical Injury-Dealing with Others

Adjusting to Injuries

Adjusting to Physical Injury

Adjusting to a deployment injury can be painful and difficult, particularly if the injury was disabling or disfiguring. Adjusting may take months, or even years.

Stress Overview

Stress ABCs

Definition of Stress: Stress is a response to challenges and changes in life that your brain interprets as a call to prepare for action.

Anger Time-Outs

Anger and anger management

aggression cycle, anger management, aggressive, assertive, passive

Anger is a feeling or emotion that can range from mild irritation to intense annoyance to rage.

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