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Sleep Disorders
From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Provides facts about sleep, sleep disorders, treatments and services.

Insomnia Fact Sheet from Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies 
Printable pamphlet with information on insomnia, common causes of sleep problems, evaluation and treatment alternatives.

In Brief: Your Guide to Healthy Sleep pamphlet
Guide to getting a healthy night's sleep, published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
In-depth guide on sleep disorders, including symptoms, tests, and treatment. Contains numerous links to other sleep-related sites.

Military OneSource

Contains numerous articles and information on sleep including:

  • Why is sleep important?
  • What happens during sleep?
  • Sleep and disease
  • How much sleep do you need?
  • Tips for getting a good night of sleep
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Tips for Daytime Sleepers (for shiftworkers)
  • Tips on how to get and protect daytime sleep
  • Getting a Good Night's Sleep


Say Good Night to Insomnia. Jacobs, Gregg D. New York: Henry Holt and Company, LLC, 1998.
This book teaches you how to overcome insomnia by learning the facts about sleep, changing the way you think about sleep, and using sleep-promoting habits.

No More Sleepless Nights (Revised Edition). Hauri, Peter and Linde, Shirley. New York: Wiley and Sons, 1996.
Offers an internationally acclaimed sleep therapy program for readers to customize to their own lifestyle.

The Promise of Sleep. Dement, W.C., and Vaughn, C. Delacorte Press. 2000.
A hands-on prescription for a better night's sleep. Also includes self-tests, information on prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids, and tips addressing insomnia, jet-lag, snoring and other sleep-related problems.

Dreams of Healing: Transforming Nightmares into Visions of Hope. Bulkeley, Kelly. Paulist Press, 2003.
Explores the complex relationship between PTSD, sleep problems and nightmares, and offers ways to find healing through a better understanding of one's nightmares.

Trauma and Dreams. Barrett, Deirdre. Harvard University Press, 2001.
Offering dream research and tips for using dreams for healing from PTSD and other trauma-related disorders, based on direct clinical experience.


Dr. Michael Breus shares information and advice on sleep disorder and insomnia treatments and causes.

Popular Science
Articles and readers' blogs about sleep, sleep deprivation and common sleeping problems.

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