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Behavioral Health Events

National Behavioral Health Awareness and Screening events are available to organizations and entities within the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs who support the health and wellbeing of our service members, veterans, and families. Screenings for mental health, like screenings for medical illnesses, can help identify conditions early on, allowing more effective management and treatment. National Behavioral Health Awareness and Screening programs provide kits that include educational and promotional resources to help providers, advocates, family members, and leadership recognize common symptoms and feel better informed as they discuss available health care options with the groups they serve. All kit resources are provided free of charge and are available for service members, veterans, and their families, and for health care providers serving the military community.
The programs currently being offered are described below.
Family Resilience Program

The Family Resilience program provides educational materials to help educate family members on how to cope with the stress of deployment, recognize signs and symptoms of mental health problems, build resilience, reconnect with children and access behavioral health services.

Alcohol Awareness Month

The Alcohol Awareness program is designed to inform, educate and raise awareness about the dangers of at-risk drinking.

PTSD Awareness Program

The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Program is designed to inform, educate and raise awareness about  PTSD and available treatment options.