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Alcohol Awareness Month

The Alcohol Awareness program is designed to inform, educate and raise awareness about the dangers of at-risk drinking.

Participants are encouraged to assess whether their drinking is having a negative effect on their lives or the lives of their loved ones through the use of a validated assessment tool. Sites are encouraged to direct participants to the online self-assessment and resources available on

Event materials will be available to military substance abuse programs, health centers, individual units, VA’s and Vet Centers.

Alcohol Awareness will be promoted during the month of April. Registration for kits opens in January.

Alcohol Awareness Month helps military installations worldwide address problem drinking through anonymous alcohol use self-assessments. By participating in this event, you have the option to register for free educational and promotional materials for your military installation or organization.

The Alcohol Awareness Kit includes educational materials and brochures, detailed instructions about hosting a screening event, and promotional items such as magnets, wallet cards and posters. This kit is great for substance abuse coordinators who want to host an awareness event.

In-Person Support:

  • Some military installations will have the option to register for staffing support, which means a Military Pathways staff member can come to your site the day before and/or of your event.
  • As part of the support, the facilitator will help you plan, promote, and conduct your event.

As a kit registrant, you will have access to any promotional or technical assistance you need. We can customize flyers, press releases, or social media posts for you. We can contact your public affairs office and help you promote your event.