National Screening Day Kit Order FAQ

Registration FAQs


Q: Who should order materials?


A: The materials are meant for people who work for the well-being of service members, veterans, and their families. Military psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, chaplains and substance abuse prevention specialists are commonly our kit recipients, as are family readiness group (FRG) leaders and family resilience educators. Priority is given to individuals representing a Department of Defense or Department of Veteran’s Affairs program, agency or center.


Q: How do people use the kits?


A: The kits should be used to help raise awareness and a better understanding of common mental/behavioral health issues affecting service members, veterans and their families. You are the best judge of how to reach your community. Kits should be used any way that you believe will achieve the goal stated above. Some examples of successful programming include:


  •     fun run or picnic;
  •     tables with information at health fairs;
  •     hold a specific awareness event and distribute educational materials ;
  •     tabling in a high-traffic area such as a medical center lobby, the entrance to a PX, etc.


Q: How much material is in a kit?


A: The kits generally contain enough material for 250 to 300 people. The kits also include some material for clinicians as well as promotional material (i.e. posters, banners, etc...)


Q: I have registered for materials in the past, why is my information not in the new system?


A: The change from Military Pathways to AfterDeployment required that we start with a new clean database. We ask that you register your information with us again. You will also be required to enter your information each time you request resources. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Q: Am I able to register for resources if I do not have a or e-mail address?


A: Resources are reserved for Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs programs and organizations (including Family Readiness Groups) and are provided first come, first served. If you believe you meet these criteria, but do not have a Government e-mail address, please contact our staff at .


Q: May I order more than one kit of materials?


A: We are only able to produce a limited number of kits and demand generally outweighs supply. Accommodations may be made in certain circumstances. If you believe that you need more materials than are provided in one kit, please contact our staff at .


Q: Am I still able to order extra materials?


A: We will be printing a limited amount of additional materials. Please contact our staff at .


Q: How can I let people know about my mental health awareness event?


A: Your kit includes event promotion materials including posters. You will also be able to access customizable press releases and op-eds. Each kit also contains a “Tips for Use Guide” which provides best practices for event promotion. For additional assistance on developing promotional strategies or customized promotional materials contact us at .


Q: How much will it cost me to receive a kit?


A: All materials are provided for free by the National Center forTelehealth and Technology (T2) and the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (DCoE).


Q: My kit has not yet arrived and my event is coming up. How can I find out when it will arrive?


A: Family kits will generally begin shipping in January/February. We will provide more information when you receive your order confirmation. National Alcohol Screening Day materials will begin shipping in April. PTSD Awareness Day materials will begin shipping in June. Shipping schedules are subject to the kit production process and we are unable to guarantee receipt prior to those dates. Domestic packages are shipped via UPS. International packages are shipped to the provided address via USPS. We are able to track all shipments with provided tracking numbers. To request your package tracking information, please contact our staff at . If a package is shipped to an APO or FPO, we are only able to track up to delivery at that location. We are unable to determine status once a package has been delivered via USPS to the APO or FPO location.


Q: What can I do if my package has been damaged or is missing components?


A: We sincerely apologize if your package does not arrive in good condition. If your materials are damaged or you believe you are missing kit components, please contact our staff at  and we will do our best to remedy the situation. Please be aware that kits may consist of several boxes, and UPS and USPS may deliver boxes as part of separate deliveries.


Q: How can I provide feedback on the materials I have received?


A: Feedback is both welcome and encouraged. Your kit should include a paper summary form with a link to completing an online summary form. Additional feedback may be submitted to  .


Q: Can I order a kit now?


A: Yes, click on this link.


Q: Can I see information about National Screening Day events?


A: Yes, click on this link.