Understanding Gratitude

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Understanding Gratitude

How to Create a PTS Trigger Record

Trigger Records can help you recognize what situations are triggering you. Recognizing what is triggering you:

PTS Trauma Triggers and Memories - Overview

trigger trauma memories, trauma triggers

Trauma Triggers are reminders of traumatic events. Everyone has their own unique things that trigger them. Triggers can be people, places, or situations. Thoughts, emotions and sensations can also trigger trauma memories.

The PLAN Tool - Prepare to Face PTSD Triggers

PTS Plan Tool, prepare to face pts triggers

There are situations that you know about that will affect you emotionally or physically because they remind you of your traumatic experience.

PLAN can be a helpful strategy in these circumstances.

The RID Tool - Dealing With Triggers

Dealing with ptsd triggers, PTSD RID Tool

The RID Tool

The RID Tool is a 3-step skill you can use when triggered to help

RID” yourself of problems coping with triggers:

Homecoming: Tips for Reuniting with the Family

reuniting with your family, come home after deployment

There are several things to keep in mind that will help when you come home after a deployment. The following list includes suggestions that can help with children of any age:

When to Seek Help for a Child

when to seek help for a child

Parents are usually the first to recognize when a child is having a problem with emotions or behavior. When children have had challenges with their emotions and behavior before deployment, deployment can sometimes make these problems worse.

Information for Deployed and At-Home Parents

Children’s Responses to Deployment

Taking Charge of Depression

Positive Action, Positive Mood

  • People rarely "snap out of" depression. It takes patience and work to feel better day-by-day, but feeling better is something that you can accomplish!
  • One key to finding a way out of depression is for you to move toward what is most important. In other words, move toward goals and values even when you don’t feel much motivation to do so.


Things to Start Doing Today to Take Charge of the Depression:

Suicide and Depression

Suicide is when someone purposely takes their own life. Many people think about committing suicide at some time in their lives, especially in times of extreme stress or depression, but most don’t follow through. Suicide affects people of all ages and backgrounds.


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