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    seebee, did you check out some of the materials on the site? There is some good information in the Concerned Significant Others eLibrary at and you may find information on post-traumatic stress helpful as well by reading The VA also has some good information on their website at

    I am sorry I am not currently living with a vet so I cannot offer that kind of personal advice but hopefully someone out there who is in a similar situation will see your post and be willing to share their experiences.

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    Depending on your location, I met a scientist who is now treating my migraines and trigemional neuralgia with magnet therapy and Evening Primrose Oil. Acupuncture does wonders as well. Sometimes eastern medicine is best. It's worth a try.

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    I am rated 100% permanent and total for a severe service connected mental disability (not individual unemployability). Thanks to modern medicine I am stable at the moment, but if I go off my medication (even if accidentally) that's when I completely lose control. I think working would benefit my overall mental health.  I don't need the money but I also don't want to put my niece's college fund at risk because I am working a minimum wage job (I am also considering volunteering at the local VA). I have not seen anything in the CFR regulations concerning work limitations for permanent and total mental disabilities. Could you shed more light on this? Thank you

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    Are you having problems drinking? This may be what is causing other problems.


    There are programs in the Army that will assit you with kicking the addiction without your higher personnel knowing about it. Talk to you wife about the issue and ask her for assistance. Maybe she wants to help but doesn't know how to ask you to talk to you about it.

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    I to have those thoughts same and just a little different situation. I've been married for five yearz and two kids. My marriage has been getting a little rocky lately. Ive been hittin the boozes harder.