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hi, i'm new here and recently diagnosed with ptsd due to mst. Navy Vet w/4years back in the 80's. i am grateful for all those who came before me and those who continue to serve and make the sacrifices in their service.

i have so many questions and as of yet have nothing in the way of answers tho i realize this process will take a long time, as it has been festering for many years

my questions now is has anyone ever heard of migraines being associated with a traumatic event? (ie, in my case, the mst)
and where can i find vets who have been thru what i have? i ve not found anyone yet and tho i am treating at the VA, i have yet to see one single female there, ever, other than the providers, etc.

thank you

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With regard to the services available, many VA facilities offer specialized behavioral health services for veterans who have had such experiences. The VA National Center for PTSD web site ( has a search function which can direct you to information about which facilities offer such services. Simply go to the web site and type “military sexual trauma” into the search space. You can consult with a mental health provider or chaplain at a VA facility near you about the availability of such services either at the facility itself, or nearby.

With regard to your question about migraines, we recommend that you refer this question to your primary care provider. While any number of possibilities exist, it would be best if you received advice from those directly involved in your care.

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I'm new here as well and have PTSD due to MST. I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one dealing with this. I have migraines associated with this as well. My therapist and PCP told me the migraines are from stress and anxiety related to the MST and PTSD.

As for finding other female vets, you should consider looking at a variety of resources, not just the V.A. Outside resources are an excellent source for women with the issues we have. Just do a google search for resources for female veterans. It should pul up a lot of useful info for you.


Hope this helps and good luck on your journey to healing.



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