Help Your Children Build Resiliency

Posted by the T2 Public Affairs Office on September 28, 2017

Moving to a new state or country. Starting classes in a new school. A mom or dad leaving home for a deployment.

For Everyone Who Hates Talking on the Phone

Posted by Dr. Julie Kinn on September 15, 2017

I hate using the phone. Wait, no ― I love using the phone, I just hate talking on it. This post is for all our readers who would rather [insert something you hate to do] than answer the phone. Whether it’s due to anxiety, busy schedules or because we're out of practice, many of us rarely speak by phone these days.

Here are a few tips that have worked for me:

Before School Begins, Educate the Educators

Posted by the T2 Public Affairs Office on August 27, 2017

Back-to-school season is an exciting time for kids. For many, it signals a fresh start — a new backpack, new clothes, new teachers, new friends, maybe even a new school. But the transition can also be difficult, particularly for students in military families.

Military Caregivers: Take Care of Yourselves Too

Posted by the T2 Public Affairs Office on August 16, 2017

“You’re just always thinking about the other person and never, ever thinking about yourself. You don't realize exactly how much of yourself you are giving. It’s not until you stop and you do something for yourself that you realize, ‘Hey, I really did need this.’ And it rejuvenates you. And in turn you can then give more to the person that you're caring for.”

— Military caregiver Susan Barnes, The TBI Family Podcast for Caregivers (Episode 3)

Reduce Your Stress: Teach Someone to 'Fish'

Posted by David Bradshaw, clinical psychologist and yoga instructor, on August 2, 2017

We’ve all heard the saying “Give a person a fish and you’ve fed one person; teach a person to fish and you’ve fed them for a lifetime.”

Make Your Move Easier for Your Children and Yourself

Posted by the T2 Public Affairs Office on July 26, 2017

Another season of change is upon us. The summer months are typically the time when many military families pack up and move to start life in a new home and community. With all the packing and planning required, it’s natural to focus on the long list of things that need to get done. But, the emotional stress of moving shouldn’t be ignored. Moving can be particularly hard for children. If you’re planning a move, there are ways to make the transition easier for your kids — and for you.

Use Inside Jokes to Strengthen Relationships

Posted by Dr. Julie Kinn, Deputy Director of T2’s Mobile Health Program, on July 5, 2017

Once, my youngest child woke me up in the middle of the night to ask a very disturbing question.

“What do slugs taste like?”

I was annoyed (I need my sleep), but the interruption gave me a funny story to tell the rest of the family the next morning. So now, about once a week, one of my kids asks, “What do slugs taste like?” which makes us all crack up. The saying is more than a disgusting question; it’s a reminder of a funny moment our family shared.

From Breaking Point to Unbreakable Bond: A Story of PTSD Recovery

Posted by the T2 Public Affairs Office on June 15, 2017

The near-breaking point in Toby and Susan Moore’s marriage — and a pivotal moment in his recovery from PTSD — came in a phone call to Toby’s office.

Recovering from Post-Traumatic Stress? These Resources Can Help

Posted by T2 Public Affairs on June 7, 2017

Intense emotional responses are natural for most people who experience trauma. Though the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS) are challenging, and can take a toll on your relationships, home life and work, there is hope. And there are steps you can take to help yourself. Effective treatments for PTS are out there and they really work.

5 Tips to Help Your Family Cope with Losing a Pet

Posted by Dr. Julie Kinn, Deputy Director of T2’s Mobile Health Program, on June 2, 2017

Military families often include a family pet. With frequent changes of station, pets are the friends that always move with you. Plus, Fido understands your odd duty hours and is willing to keep you company at 3 a.m. whether you are waking up or getting home.



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