Depression: How Thoughts Affect Depression

The Power of Thoughts in Depression

People are always busy thinking. As one thought passes, there’s another thought ready to take its place. Most of the thoughts that people have are automatic thoughts that:

  • Pop up when a person isn’t even trying to think them.
  • Can be positive or negative. (It’s the negative thoughts that contribute to depression)


Thoughts Affect Depression

Tips for Preventing Sexual Assault and Re-victimization

The following strategies may help you feel safer and more in control of your surroundings.




  • Trust your instincts. If a person or place makes you feel unsafe, it’s probably for good reason.


  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times.


Ways to Heal from Sexual Violence


Making Steps Toward Healing



Here are some of the key steps toward healing after sexual assault or harassment:

1. Create Safety


Facts About Sexual Assault and Harassment in the Military

Sexual violence is among the most serious violations a person can experience. It is a criminal offense, punishable under military, federal and civilian law. Sexual assault and harassment impact mission readiness and undermine the military’s core values. Sexual violence occurs to both men and women in the armed forces at least as often as it does to civilians. Sexual violence can cause psychological trauma having a negative impact on survivors that lasts for years after the event.




Emotional Healing Following Sexual Assault

The Emotional Healing Process

Recovery from sexual assault or harassment takes time and effort. To help the recovery process, you should find safety, take good care of yourself, and seek support.


Emotional Stages of Recovery

Everyone reacts differently to sexual assault and harassment. But there are five stages of recovery that nearly all victims experience. It is not important to pass through each stage in order; recovery is not a linear process. Survivors may pass through each stage in a different order and at different times.


Taking action when sexual violence happens in the military

Military sexual trauma: taking action

If You Were Recently Sexually Assaulted:

·Get to a safe place.


  • Call 911–if you need immediate medical help.
  • Call the DoD Safe Helpline (877) 995-5247 anytime to get confidential support and get connected to your local Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) or Victim Advocate (VA). You do not have to report what happened.


Understanding Gratitude

Understanding Gratitude

Understanding Resilience

resilience, understanding, overcome, obstacles, challenges, relationships

Resilience helps you through the challenges in life ; it allows you to bounce back from stressful situations and also reduces the initial impact of stress. But Resilience is not something that you either “have” or “don’t have”.

Realistic Thinking

Realistic Thinking

Realistic Thinking is a key component of Resilience. It requires that your assumptions and beliefs about life don’t interfere with your ability to accurately see the world.



Developing Optimism


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